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Exim ACL testing


For most of tests use:

exim -bh <IP>

For non-smtp tests:

Create a sample message with full headers and body, “sample.eml”. Make it to an address that you control, a test mailbox or something. Make it from the address that you want it to reject. Pass the message to Exim using the simple commandline:

# No real output
exim -bm -t < "sample.eml"
# Get verbose output, but still not much
exim -v -bm -t < "sample.eml"
# Here's where we figure things out: debug
exim -d+all -bm -t < "sample.eml"

That last one will product a LOT of output, so maybe redirect it to a text file and view that file. Look to see how it's processing that non-smtp acl when it processes this message.

Another option would be to configure your app that is sending those messages to send using SMTP to port 25, instead of passing a message to /usr/sbin/sendmail (which is the sendmail compatibility wrapper for exim). Then it would use the smtp rcpt acl.

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